Eurona Broadband Services

Here at Eurona we provide the best services available to you and your location. We pride ourselves on clear and honest pricing. We offer a tailored and more personal customer service experience. We have two main broadband products: Fixed Wireless and Fibre. Fixed Wireless has been the cornerstone of our network, delivering unlimited high speed line-of-sight broadband to harder-to-reach rural locations. We can provide up to 200Mb download speeds on this service. In January 2021 Eurona Arden became the first retailer in Ireland to connect a premises on the new NBI Fibre rollout of the National Broadband Plan. On this fibre product we currently offer both 500Mb and 1Gb download speeds.

Fixed Wireless Broadband
Unlimited packages from €38 per month,
with Free Installation as standard

Eurona provide superfast and unlimited fixed wireless broadband across counties; Cavan, Roscommon, Leitrim, East Galway, Longford and South Donegal. We cater for any of your broadband needs, whether residential or business/office connection. We have a strong customer focussed approach, and local backup is at hand as required. We provide speeds up to 200Mb from as little as €38 per month. (Speeds dependent on location)

Fibre Broadband
Unlimited packages from €48 per month.
Free Installation on 18 month agreements.

Eurona are an accredited broadband retail provider for NBI, rolling out the National Broadband Plan across Ireland. Combining cutting-edge technology with our high standard customer service, we are providing rural Ireland the fastest speeds available on the market. Eurona Arden were the FIRST local provider in Ireland to connect a customer onto the new roll-out. We offer speeds of (up-to) 1Gb from as little as €48 per month