Eurona Fixed Wireless Broadband

Eurona Fixed Wireless Broadband

Using cutting edge technology our fixed wireless network spans over several counties and reach's the most rural places that others cannot reach.
Cavan, Donegal, Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon, East Galway and more ....

Our Range of Fixed Wireless packages

Our fixed wireless packages start at €38

Our Home Phone Packages

Our home phone packages start from as little as €5 per month

What is Fixed Wireless?

The term "Fixed wireless" distinguishes itself from "mobile wireless" as it involves the installation of outdoor equipment in a FIXED location.

Our Range of Fixed Wireless Packages

Our Home Phone Packages




How do I order my new broadband service?

You can click here and put in a request for us to give you a call back. You can call us on 1800 88 55 22 or email

How long does the order take?

From the initial contact, the survey and the installation we should have you connected within 7-10 days

What does the survey involve?

Our engineers will come and perform a "sight test" to ensure you are able to obtain the service. Usually a survey takes no longer than 20 minutes. We will arrange with you the most convenient time, however we are also able to carry this out if no-one can be at the property as the survey is performed outside of the home.

What speeds am I able to get?

Speeds are sometimes based upon the distance you are from you nearest AP (Access Point). Once you have line-of-sight we can generally offer you any of our packages. The engineer will consult with you on the day

What if the engineer cannot get "Line-of-sight?"

In instances where our engineers are unable to confirm a signal we are able to offer alternatives. In some cases we are able to provide a "HOP". This is where we place our hardware away from the premises onto another building (Neighbours, Shed, Other buildings in locality) where we can then get the signal and subsequently BOUNCE the service back to your property. This may require additional hardware and may incur a cost on the installation.

What if I sign-up and want to move up in package?

Unlike other providers that may be inclined to place you into another agreement, here at Eurona we give YOU the flexibility to change your package at anytime without penalty. If you think you need more speed then just us a call

Isn't Fixed Wireless satellite?

Our Line-of-sight technology is land based. We are able to reach those located in extremely remote places as well as those in more rural communities. These connections are similar to those found on Mobile Operator masts, the only difference is that to ensure you get the best broadband service from us, we just need to see it

Isn't Fixed Wireless Slow?

Absolutely not! We are able to deliver superfast speeds of up to 200MB, however location is key to what we can offer. You may be 2km from your local town and only able to get 5mb through the conventional copper/telephone lines. However, over the same distance we be able to deliver speeds up-to 200Mb with our technology.